• Abeer Al Kuwari

    Abeer Al Kuwari is a multi-disciplinary Qatari artist with a focuse on photography, drawing and sculpture.

    In her works, Abeer Al Kuwari discusses topics which have a direct relationship with Qatari heritage and folk cultural heritage. Al Kuwari’s style is characterized by a contemporary presentation to theritage in terms of the idea and the diversity of media used. Abeer was a resident in AIR 2 2016-17.

  • Alaa Bata

    Alaa is an interdisciplinary designer and artist. His work aims to dissect the meaning of production materials by exploring their connotative and associative qualities. The final outcomes are approached in a reductive manner and realized in the form of intricate pen drawings, photographic collages and recontextualized everyday objects. He was a resident in AIR 4 2018-19 at the Fire Station.

  • Dr. James She


    Dr. James She obtained his Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo in Canada. His research focuses on digital media, multimedia production and communication along with emerging interactive technologies. 

  • Fahad Al-Turky


    Fahad Al-Turky is a Qatari cultural professional with 10 years’ experience in museums and exhibitions development. He started his career in the cultural sector in Msheireb Museums, where he currently serves as the Exhibition Manager.

    Fahad served as a Curator and part of the development team for Msheireb Museums permanent exhibitions, with a specific focus on the history of slavery in Qatar, the Indian Ocean Region and global Modern Slavery in Bin Jelmood House.

  • Fatima Al-Nuaimi

    Fatima Al-Nuaimi is a graduate of Art Education from Qatar University and a member of the Qatar Society of Fine Arts. 

    Al-Nuaimi participated in many local and international exhibitions. She always seeks through her artistic works to search for meanings associated with the form through several contemporary methods and media such as video art, installations and paintings. She was a resident in AIR 3 2017-18.

  • Guillaume Rouseré

    Guillaume Rouseré is a French sound artist. His work is influenced by the environment, culture, and the history of places and objects. 

    As an interdisciplinary artist, his work spans from soundscapes to immersive installations and interactive sound sculptures. He was a resident in AIR 4 2018-19.

  • Maryam Faraj Al Suwaidi

    Maryam Al Suwaidi is a Qatari artist, designer, and a Ph.D. student in Urban Planning and Design. Maryam’s artwork takes a critical view of social and cultural matters using the philosophy of conceptualism as the primary muse and tool. She was a resident in AIR 2 2016-17.

  • May Al-Manni

    May Almannai is a self-taught visual artist and illustrator. She works mainly in mixed media using a combination of digital and traditional painting methods.

    Al-Mannai has been experimenting with handcrafted watercolors using traditional and modern pigments to create layers and granulations. She was a resident in AIR 3 2017-18.

  • Michael Perrone

    Michael Perrone currently works as an Assistant Professor in the Painting & Printmaking department at VCUarts Qatar.

    His recent work is the result of his continued research and investigation into the concept of monuments, exploring both local, regional and several international sites. He was a resident in AIR 4 2018-19.

  • Nawar Al Mutlaq & Maryam Alsemaitt

    Maryam Alsemaitt holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, from CMUQ and Nawar Almutlaq holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts – Graphic Design, from VCUarts Qatar. They both did their master’s in service design from the Royal College of Art and their Diploma in Traditional Arts from The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts.

  • Nayla Ahmed

    Nayla is a fashion consultant, creative pattern maker and educator. She served as Professor at VCUarts Qatar, and as a Workshop Technician at Qela. Currently, she works as a product developer for fashion brands.

    Nayla studied Innovative Pattern Cutting and Garment Technology at Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion. She was in residence at AIR 4 2018-19 at the Fire Station.

  • Roda Al Khori

    Roda Al Khori is an interdisciplinary artist with a bachelor degree from VCUarts Qatar majoring in Painting and Printmaking, minoring in Art History.

    Her art falls under abstract expressionism and narrative work inspired by her daily life. She is interested in mark-making and creating textures using unconventional tools. Roda was a resident in AIR 4 2018-19.

  • Ryan Browning

    Ryan Browning is an American artist who has exhibited and curated in galleries and museums nationally and internationally.  His work focuses on paintings depicting shallow landscapes and spaces containing sculptural forms and collections of objects. Ryan is an Associate Professor at VCUarts Qatar and was a resident in AIR 3 2017-18 at the Fire Station.

  • Sebastian Betancur-Montoya

    Sebastian Betancur-Montoya holds a BA in Architecture, a certification in Sculpture fabrication, and a MA in Museum and Gallery Practice.

    Unbound to specific media or techniques, his projects shift from drawing to performance to recent explorations with moving image and sound. Practicing in disparate contexts such as Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East have situated his subject interests at the intersection of mobility, global politics, and local ecologies. He was a resident in AIR 1 2015-16.

  • Yasser Al Mulla

    Yasser Al Mulla is a Qatari artist with a background in Law and engineering.

    Since childhood he had an interest in art, always scribbling on any scraps and papers until he took up drawing in 2015.

    His works convey the idea that no matter how old you are, there will always be possibilities for the emergence of your talent. Yasser was a resident in AIR 3 2017-18.

  • Yousef Bahzad

    3 Feb - 30 June 2021

    Yousef Bahzad ´s work consists of mainly painting and experimental photography practices, they supplement and feed into one another, in regards to tone, color, and imagery.  He is interested in the concept of monoliths and other structures embedded within the land. Yousef was a resident in AIR 3 2017-18.