Ebtissam Al-Saffar

Ebtissam Al-Saffar

Paris Residency

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Ebtissam Al-Saffar is a Qatari artist and art educator. She is a member of the Qatar Arts Association. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education, 1995, from Qatar University. She has group exhibition participation in many countries including France, Dhaka, Japan, Oman, Rabat and Doha.

Ebtissam is interested in drawing the parts which are most capable of clarifying what exists in the human soul of transformations, wishes and memories in which the human experience developed, such as the human face, eyes and neck. She considers that the visual expressions of the face, eyes and neck do not end, because their expressive energy is very much apparent for sight and unlimited. She believes that art is a way of life. She also considers that unevenness of the human body, its identification and softness are originally related to water.

Ebtissam participated in the following residencies:

  • Cité internationale des arts, 2017.
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