Photo of the Al Jazeera studio with a TV screen in the middle showing late Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh

Experience Al Jazeera: More About the Exhibition

Experience Al Jazeera traces the network’s growth from a single Arabic-speaking channel to a global media phenomenon.

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Al Jazeera was founded under the initiative of His Highness the Father Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani. His Highness envisioned the channel as an independent and impartial regional news media outlet.

The network’s passion and determination to seek truth and give a voice to the voiceless have been the guiding principles in its approach. Today, these principles and core values continue to resonate throughout Al Jazeera’s critically acclaimed and pioneering journalism.

Al Jazeera’s slogan, ‘The Opinion and the Other Opinion,’ reflects its adherence to the core journalistic principle of conveying all sides of a story to deliver comprehensive perspectives to its audiences.

Aerial view of the Al Jazeera English news studio.

Photo: Ali Al Anssari, courtesy of Qatar Museums ©2022

The Right to Report

Al Jazeera adheres to the highest standards of professional journalism, which are woven into Al Jazeera’s Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. These standards empower Al Jazeera’s journalists to hold true to their mission of informing and empowering people with accurate, in-depth and compelling content that upholds the value of truth and elevates the human spirit. This mission continues despite the challenges to media freedom in the region and across the world.

A Commitment to Truthful Reporting

Al Jazeera’s commitment to impartial reporting is at the heart of its trailblazing efforts to defend press freedom; to ensure the safety and protection of journalists; and to champion the right for people to have access to information and the right to be heard. Al Jazeera is dedicated to these principles despite the many risks journalists face today, whether from reporting in dangerous conflict zones, or from the increasing pressures exerted by governments that restrict press freedom.

Challenges to Media Freedom

Al Jazeera’s dedication to media freedom and bringing human stories to its audiences has faced many challenges, some of which include: the jamming of its satellite signals, the closing, destruction and bombing of its offices, demands to shut down, the harassment, persecution, imprisonment and, at times, targeted killing of its journalists.

Picture of Al Jazeera reception desk with two hanging light up banners saying "human stories: global perspectives" in arabic and in english

Photo: Ali Al Anssari, courtesy of Qatar Museums ©2022

People-Focused Stories

Al Jazeera’s award-winning journalism places people at the heart of its news coverage, emphasising the individual, social, political, and economic impact of issues and current affairs on communities, societies, and nations.

The Network’s coverage is characterised by its commitment to reporting from regions that are often underrepresented, empowering local and diverse voices across the planet. It is uniquely placed to bring stories from the Global South as a leading voice emanating from the region itself.

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Journalism

In 2011 Al Jazeera formed a special Investigative Unit to produce deeply researched and groundbreaking investigative content, exposing crime and corruption.

The Investigative Unit’s award-winning content has had real impact within the corridors of power, and led to concrete changes within societies around the globe.

This includes instances of: the resignation and arrest of government officials, the unravelling of plots, the launching of probes and investigations at international criminal courts.

If the role of the news is to hold up a mirror to the world and show different perspectives and opinions, the role of investigative journalism is to explore each perspective and determine which is accurate.

The Reason Why

Al Jazeera’s unique reporting is reflected in the diversity of its staff. Over 90 nationalities work at Al Jazeera, creating an environment that provides in-depth and comprehensive perspectives on international events.

Al Jazeera’s steadfast commitment is further amplified by its talented presenters and correspondents, who display unwavering courage to convey its award-winning content. The Network’s distinctive coverage is further augmented by its widespread global presence and its commitment to covering underreported areas.

Al Jazeera Documentary

Al Jazeera Documentary Channel became the first Arab channel dedicated to the documentary genre in the region upon its launch in 2007. The Channel is unique for its in-house productions that enrich people’s understanding of the world around them. It remains a platform for in-depth documentaries that explore important issues and capture powerful human stories.

Image of Al Jazeera studios replica at the Experience Al Jazeera exhibition in the Fire Station

At Al Jazeera, news stories undergo a rigorous process of information collection, writing and editing before a story makes its way onto a screen. With diverse staff from all around the globe, Al Jazeera newsrooms provide depth and diversity to its award-winning news content, while maintaining the independent and pioneering spirit that define its character.

A replica of the Al Jazeera studios at the Experience Al Jazeera exhibition in the Fire Station

Al Jazeera’s usage of the most technologically advanced equipment to deliver cutting-edge journalism has attained critical acclaim internationally, winning multiple industry awards, and continues to be a source of reliable and credible information.

Growth and Expansion

Al Jazeera Media Network continues to expand its reach geographically and digitally, whilst maintaining its journalistic integrity, independence, pioneering spirit and relentless focus on the human story.

With more than 70 offices around the world, Al Jazeera delivers content that informs, captivates and inspires in different languages across various platforms. The Network launched various centres and institutes that have become leaders in their respective fields:

  • Al Jazeera Media Institute (2004) – Dedicated to the empowerment and training of media professionals through specialised journalism and media programmes.
  • Al Jazeera Centre for Studies (2006) – A MENA-region think tank, providing geo-political insight and analysis.
  • Al Jazeera Public Liberties and Human Rights Centre (2008) – A leading source in promoting human rights and press freedom in media.

Digital and Innovation

Al Jazeera Media Network has been keeping up to date with the rapidly evolving world of technology that has been changing the field of journalism and the way in which news is produced, distributed and consumed.

Al Jazeera has maintained and keeps expanding its host of digital products via its incubation initiatives. Starting with the website, a pioneer in the online production of news for the Arab world, Al Jazeera has expanded over the years to launch innovative award-winning digital platforms such as AJ+; Al Jazeera Podcasts; and Al Jazeera Contrast, a virtual and augmented reality production house catering to younger generations.


Established in San Francisco, USA in 2014, AJ+ is the bold, youth-oriented, award-winning digital platform from Al Jazeera producing creative, short-form storytelling content in four languages (English, Spanish, Arabic, French) and focused on marginalised communities.

AJ+ channels publish video and text content on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, reaching a combined audience of hundreds of millions across all four of its channels.

AJ Podcasts

Al Jazeera launched its first podcast series in 2017, becoming the first news broadcaster in the Arab world to venture into this field. In doing so, it sought to expand its reach with engaging content in impactful and innovative ways.

Today, Al Jazeera Podcasts offers a variety of series, in both Arabic and English, catering to its wide range of audiences. Its content is inclusive of social, cultural, political and economic topics, across multiple different genres.

Al Jazeera, 25 Years On

Despite the many challenges the network has faced over the years, its dedication to ‘the Opinion and the Other Opinion’ and its courageous pursuit of truth remains steadfast.

What started as a groundbreaking and pioneering news channel in the Arab world has evolved into a renowned international media network that continues to receive accolades and recognition for its independent, credible and in-depth journalism. In 2021, Al Jazeera Media Network celebrated its 25-year Silver Jubilee, which paid tribute to the triumphs and resilience of the Network’s journalistic achievements.