• Abdulla Al-Kuwari

    Abdulla Al-Kuwari is a Qatari artist who obtained a Bachelor in Fine Art from VCUQ in 2014. His artistic approach explores both representational and abstract styles, while maintaining certain visual and conceptual elements through most of his artworks. In his work, Abdulla merges imagination with different sources of inspiration such as nature, pop-culture and history.

  • Ala’ Bata

    Alaa is a multidisciplinary designer based in Qatar and a graduate of the graphic design program at VCUQ. The ethos behind his work lies behind the notion of crafting graphic design, where an analogue component remains prominent in the final outcome despite the utilization of digital technologies in the pre-production phase. This adds that extra layer of engagement through physical presence and tactility.

  • Eman Makki

    Eman Makki graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, with a BFA in Graphic Design. In her work, Eman delves into the phenomenon of emergence and how complexity can arise from simplicity as well as her fascination with visual phenomenon such as moiré. Being both an artist and a designer, Eman explores the idea of generative art by creating code-written work that is produced by machines.

  • Faisal Al Hajri

    With a Bachelor in Art Education from Qatar University, Faisal has worked as an art teacher in the past and then focused solely on being a freelance artist. His perspective being a visual artist involves inviting the viewers to enter an internal dialogue with his artworks allowing them to learn more about themselves. His interest lies in topics that convey a reflection of stories about collective human consciousness and the possibility that art could be a means to navigate the future.

  • Federica Visani

    Born in Italy and raised in Paris, Federica Visani is an eclectic fashion mover, womenswear and footwear designer, educator and creative consultant based between Doha and Paris. After obtaining a fashion design master at IFM Paris (L'Institut Français de la Mode), Federica had the opportunity to design for renowned houses such as Celine, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga.

  • Guillaume Rouseré

    Guillaume Rouseré is a French sonic artist who explores the influence of sound on how people feel in their environment. He works across formats from audio soundscapes to immersive installations and interactive sound sculptures.

  • Hassan Zeid Manasra

    Multi-disciplinary visual artist (cartoonist / animator, painter and writer).

    He studied applied arts at Al- Balqa' Applied University in Jordan. He studied graphic arts at the Institute of Fine Arts in Jordan. He also received the art of engraving and printing by specialists at the Jordanian National Museum of Fine Arts.

  • Jesse Payne

    An innovative American artist, Jesse Payne currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Art Foundations Department at Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar. Dedicated to employing a rigorous craft when amplifying his creative interests and working with a variety of mediums, Payne’s work is a reflection of self-investigation and influenced by the environment, people, and experiences he encounters in his day-to-day life.

  • Lolwa Al Sulaiti

    Lolwa Alsolaiti completed her training in painting in Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar. Majoring in Painting & print-making, and Art history. She started producing painted works as a sophomore. Focusing on themes such as virtual reality, and Sci-fi pop culture. 

    The artist contributed in two successful group exhibitions in Doha, which were housed in the fire station, and Art29 W Doha. Additionally she assisted filmmakers at Northwestern University and was awarded at Studio20Q annual premier for her work.

  • Maryam Al Ameri

    “I am not normal, just like everyone else around me.”  Maryam Al-Ameri’s painting process starts with a story, more like a movie script. Theater, literature, and music are also important inspirational tools in her creative process. In her work, she portrays dark humor to evoke emotional reactions in the viewers. Maryam considers herself a surrealist artist and she focuses on incorporating figurative elements in her work. The color pallet always depends on the mood of the painting.

  • Michael Perrone

    Michael Perrone is an American painter originally from Jersey City, New Jersey. In 1989, he graduated from Muhlenberg College with a degree in Russian Studies and Science. He went on to study art and art education at The School of The Museum of Fine Arts - Boston, and in 2004 received an MFA in Painting from The University of Pennsylvania.

  • Mohammed Faraj

    An integrative Qatari Architect, animator and designer, Mohammed Faraj obtained his BA in Architecture from Plymouth University and his MA in Architecture from the University of Liverpool. Coming from an architecture and digital art background, his design process involves the use of digital fabrication tools and simulation data. He aims to use the data output to discover the contrasting development of the ‘Wider Urban Context’.

  • Nayla Al Mulla

    Nayla is an Assistant Professor in the Fashion Design department at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts Qatar. She has a Masters of Arts degree in Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries and a postgraduate in Innovative Pattern Cutting for Graduates and Professionals both from Central Saint Martins. Additionally, she obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Pattern Design and Garment Technology from London College of Fashion.

  • Nourbanu Hijazi

    Nourbanu Hijazi’s artworks aim to explore the human condition, specifically internal conflicts and mentality. She is a multidisciplinary artist that tends to examine these elements from philosophical and psychological perspectives, through surreal and mythological themes. She portrays contrast through working on childish and bright colored drawings, which on closer inspection depict grim narratives through different techniques.

  • Roda A. Al Khori

    Roda Alkori, a Qatari artist, with a Bachelor’s Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, majoring in Painting and Printmaking, and minoring in Art History. Roda enjoys exploring both abstract and narrative works. The starting point to any artwork is often personal as she infuses her emotions, energy and daily life experiences in her work.

  • Sara Al-Fadaaq

    Sara Al-Fadaaq is an interdisciplinary Qatari artist who works with photography, printmaking, sculpture and digital media. After a field study in the city of Msheirib in Downtown Doha, she took an interest in working with found objects that have been discarded, forgotten or left behind. Her work often deals with the subject of nostalgia, memory and identity.

  • Sarah Al-Ansari

    Sarah Al-Ansari is a Qatari-American artist who received her BFA in Painting from Middle Tennessee State University in 2015. Sarah focuses mostly on painting, but also works in printmaking particularly in etching and she incorporates beading and embroidery into her pieces. Sarah’s works signify a social commentary on her bi-cultural environment and the effect it had on her growing up. She plays with ambiguity, patterning and tension to create a discussion on cultural differences and a complex identity.

  • Shaikha Al Hardan

    Born and raised in Qatar, Shaikha completed a BA in Graphic Design at Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar. Her passion for photography began as a child, and she began to explore street photography when traveling to different countries. During her first year at the university, she implemented her learning by exploring different cities in Qatar. Driving around the streets of old neighborhoods allowed her to find hidden gems in Qatar, and be able to capture spontaneous moments of people in their everyday lives.

  • Sidra Zubairi

    Sidra Zubairi is a Doha based social designer and innovator with a background in Jewelry and accessory design. Through her hybridized practice as an interdisciplinary artist and designer, she is often inspired to create works that speak about social and cultural difficulties currently existing in the world. Sidra utilizes digital fabrication processes as well as hand crafting techniques in her artworks.