Kelley Lowe's studio.


As part of our residency facilities, Fire Station offers each resident a private, fully furnished studio located in the main Fire Station building.

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We believe a critical element of our residency programme offer is to provide artists with a dedicated studio space in which they can focus on the production of new artworks. These studio spaces are private, spacious and fully furnished.

How Studios Are Arranged

The first floor includes studios for the Ruwad Artists, the Curator in Residence and the Visiting Artist Programme.

Floors three to five of the Fire Station building are dedicated to the Artist in Residence (AIR) programme.

Artist Access

Each resident is granted 24-hour access to their studio for the duration of the programme.

Public Access

Fire Station invites and welcomes the public to visit the studios for two days each year during the Open Studios events.

Aisha Al-Fadhala's studio at the Fire Station

Aisha Al-Fadhala, Artist in Residence 2017-18.

Fatma Al-Nuaimi's studio at the Fire Station

Fatma Al-Nuaimi, Artist in Residence 2017-18.

Mubarak Nasser Al-Thani

Mubarak Nasser Al-Thani, Artist in Residence 2017-18.

Ahmed Nooh's studio at the Fire Station.

Ahmed Nooh, Artist in Residence 2017-18.

Maryam Ahmed's studio.

Maryam Ahmed, Artist in Residence 2016-17.