Fatima Mohammed's exhibition in Gallery 3 at the Fire Station.

Galleries 3 and 4

Fire Station's Gallery 3 and Gallery 4 serve as special exhibition spaces dedicated to short-term displays, focused on solo and group exhibitions of Fire Station's resident alumni.

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Fire Station's Galleries 3 and 4 are located next to the Woodshop in the Fire Station Plaza. They serve as exhibition spaces for short-term exhibitions. Most notably, they present solo and group exhibitions featuring current and past residents and also participants in the international residency programmes sponsored by the Fire Station, such as the New York and Paris residencies.

Gallery 3 Featured Exhibitions:

Acts of Listening from Future Generations: Act 1 (2021)

Nedim Kufi: Personal Dictionary (2020)

Sara Al Obaidly: What Remains (2019)

Ahmed Nooh: Traces of Life (2019)

Gallery 4 Featured Exhibitions:

Mohammed Al Atiq: Attention (2021)

Acts of Listening from Future Generations: Act 2 (2021)

Glimpse of Nature (2020)

Faraj Daham: See the Unseen (2019)

On Paper (2019)