Yasser Al-Mulla

Yasser Al-Mulla

Artist in Residence

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Yasser Al-Mulla is an artist with a background in Law and engineering. Since childhood, he had an interest in art, always scribbling on any scraps and papers until he took up drawing in 2015. His works convey the idea that no matter how old you are, there will always be possibilities for the emergence of your talent.

Yasser Al-Mulla participated in the following residencies: 

- AIR 3, 2017-18

- AIR Alumni Residency, 2021

His exhibition participations at the Fire Station include: 

  • 2030, Part 1, al markhiya gallery, 2020
  • On Paper, Gallery 4, 2019
  • Dual Inspiration, Garage Gallery, 2018
  • Majaz: Contemporary Art Qatar, Mathaf, 2022
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