Roda Al-Khori

Roda Al-Khori

Artist in Residence

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Roda Al-Khori participated in the following residencies:

  • AIR Alumni, 2021
  • AIR 4, 2018-19

Her exhibition participations at the Fire Station include:  

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Roda Al-Khori

Roda Al-Khori, Artist in Residence 2018-19.

Sculpture work by artist Roda Al-Khori.

Roda Al-Khori, Al’salah – Living Room (detail), 2019, wooden tables, dimensions variable.

Roda Al-Khori

Roda Al-Khori, Al’salah – Living Room, installation view, Infinite Dimensions exhibition, Garage Gallery, 2019.

Roda Al-Khori: Featured Exhibitions