Maryam alSuwaidi

Maryam Faraj Al-Suwaidi

Artist in Residence

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Maryam Faraj Al-Suwaidi is a multidisciplinary artist experimenting with different art forms, from drawing, painting, digital illustration, and glassmaking. Her inspiration is derived from research, and the study of social behaviours and actions is a critical part of her work. Al-Suwaidi’s objective is to see how viewers react to her art pieces and how her work impacts their understanding of the subject matter.

Maryam Faraj Al-Suwaidi participated in the following residencies:

  • AIR 2, 2016-17
  • AIR Alumni Residency, 2021

Her exhibition participations at the Fire Station include:

  • Unfolding Creative Methods, Garage Gallery, 2017
  • 2030, Part 1, al markhiya gallery, 2020
  • Majaz: Contemporary Art Qatar, Mathaf, 2022
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