Ghada Al Khater

Paris Residency

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Ghada Al Khater is a Qatari political ARToonist, the term that aptly captures her zealous approach to combining art and politics in cartoons, and in satirical socio/political commentaries on GCC matters and other relevant international affairs.

Whilst completing an education in art and design leading to a career in the field, Ghada is new to the profession of political cartoons. Her leap into “Artooning” came as a result of an illegal blockade imposed on Qatar by three neighboring countries and Egypt.

Her works are a creative outlet that tackle the subjects of freedom of speech and fake news, which have been exploited as vehicles to drive and justify the blockade on Qatar, as well as current issues facing the middle east and the international community.

Some of her renowned works include the artoons “Tamim Kg” and “Aljazeera” that have gained recognition and appreciation throughout social media outlets in Qatar.

Ghada received her BFA in graphic design from Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar in 2012 and went to on to work for Qatar Museums.

Since then, Ghada has constantly found ways to push the boundaries of conventional art pedagogy into a new field of Artooning. That frees itself from the constraints of static perceptions of prevailing stereotypes. Through her works she hopes to inspire present and future generations to continue experimenting with the “subtle” and “treasonous”, in all fields and issues connected to art.

Ghana participated in the following residencies:

  • Cité internationale des arts, 2018.
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