Arwa Al Neami

Visiting Artist

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Arwa Al Neami, born in 1985, is an award-winning multidisciplinary Saudi artist. Her work explores social issues and covers themes of acceptance and inclusion, utilizing a wide range of mediums with a focus on photography. She is a member of Al-Meftaha Arts Village in Abha and a winner of Saudi’s Southern Region Arts Award. Through her project “A Piece of Paradise,” Al Neami is marked as the first woman to take photographs inside the Prophet’s Mosque in Al Madinah Al Monawarah.

For more than five years, Al Neami has been working on an ongoing series titled “Never Never Land,” a project launched globally, that monitors the important historical era of change and development of Saudi Arabia’s future vision. Her projects also include launching “Live Demo,” an exhibiton and programme showcasing works and performances by emerging Saudi talents during Jeddah Art Week.

Arwa Al Neami participated in the following residencies:

Her exhibition participations at the Fire Station include:  

  • ART IS NOT A RACE,Gallery 4, 2022-23.
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Arwa Al Neami




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