Kazimir Malevich: Genius of the Russian Avant-garde

24 March 2019 - 31 May 2019

Location: Fire Station Artist in Residence, Garage Gallery

Curated by Dr. Evgenia Petrova


In 1915 Kazimir Malevich unveiled a series of paintings that would forever change the world of art. Pushing abstraction to the limits, he announced the end of objective representation, and proposed instead the supremacy of colour and shape as the true expression of aesthetic feeling. The movement, which he called Suprematism, would come to define the language of modern art for future generations.

Malevich’s exploration of forms evolved against the background of radical changes in art and society both in Russia and the international scene. Exploring this trajectory, the exhibition brings together for the first time examples of work from his entire career, including early decorative sketches and poster designs, Cubist and Futurist paintings, ceramic works, architectural sculptures, and costumes from his opera Victory Over the Sun.

This exhibition is a legacy of the Qatar Russia 2018 Year of Culture. 

Organised by the State Russian Museum


The State Russian Museum is housed in a unique architectural complex in the historical centre of St Petersburg. The collection contains over 400,000 objects covering all major periods and movements in the history of Russian art stretching over the past one thousand years.


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