2018 Ahmad Al Jufairi

Ahmad Al Jufairi is the second Qatari artist to join the Paris Artist Residency in 2018. He will be in Studio Qatar, at Cite Internationale des Art until 31 July 2018.


I am an artist of inspiration, I am a person of emotions and I am a messenger of empowerment. My body of work is appropriated from my own personal life events, my emotions that come from struggle and my motivational inspiration Beyoncé Knowles being a beacon of expression for myself as both a person and an artist.  I aim to create intimate relationships between my art and the audience. I also attempt to convey a message of hope in darkness, where strength, power and love are stronger than any other force.


Graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, Ahmed Al Jufairi majored in Painting and Printmaking with a minor in Art History, he considers himself to be a contemporary Pop Artist. Ahmed infuses his sole inspiration- Beyoncé with his surrounding culture, including social issues and structures that have been set by previous generations.

Ahmed believes in individualism, freedom of expression and the concept of reforming what exists into something new. The essence of his work revolves around the idea of Hope, where he believes hard work, devotion and love can create endless possibilities.