COMPETITION | Maryam Faraj Al Suwaidi: Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Join us in our first scavenger hunt competition that will take place at the Fire Station presented by Maryam Faraj Al Suwaidi.

This challenge requires speed, observation skills, general knowledge and information about the Fire Station.

Participants will be divided into two teams, and each group will have search for the treasure before the other team and win the competition.

Maryam Faraj Al Suwaidi is an artist, designer, and Ph.D. student in Urban Planning and Design. Al Suwaidi’s work takes a critical view on social and cultural matters using the philosophy of conceptualism as the primary muse and tool. She is currently participating in the Fire Station Alumni Residency programme.


To register:

Free Admission

Location: Fire Station

Date and Time: 3 April 2021, from 6 – 9 pm

Language: English

Age: 18+