SAKHA by Yousef Ahmad

Past Exhibition

Sakha in the Qatari dialect means a place that is devoid of any kind of life, meaning there is no human, bird or animal.

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These places captured me how they were once teeming with life and how they are now in reality and in my imagination, and this is an invitation to the public to live in these places and enjoy it historically and visually.

The buildings, alleys and places in the paintings express the extent of the interdependence of honesty, human being and their intimate relationship between space and time, as these paintings call for the extent of Qatar's ability through its local architecture and benefit from it and how it succeeded in designing and implementing these world-class sports facilities for the upcoming big event.

Yousef Ahmad is a pioneer of Qatar’s modern art movement. Inspired by the flat, desert landscape of Qatar, Ahmad creates textured abstractions overlaid with Arabic calligraphy. As a child, Ahmad recalls drawing outside on the walls in his neighbourhood, using leftover coal from the stove. In his continuing arts practice he has dedicated himself to forging a local aesthetic. Ahmad thus draws from the natural environment through his choice of colour, texture, and materials, which he often fabricates himself.