Johanna Boccardo: Code/de-Code

Past Exhibition

Picnic ’88 is a solo exhibition by Kuwaiti/Qatari artist Anfal Alkandari.

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Johanna Boccardo is a Miami-based Venezuelan artist with an ample creative career that includes editorial illustration, product design, fine arts as well as urban street art. A graduate of the Ringling School of Art and Design, she has lived and worked in Barcelona, Miami and Venezuela.

As part of Boccardo’s exploration using color media, she developed a new form of street-art called “Tapebombing” which consists of applying colored tapes to mundane objects that may otherwise go unnoticed on everyday life. The fundamental nature of this work is that it is ephemeral: it enhances an object, albeit temporarily. Then when the tape and media is removed, the absence of it lingers, sometimes longer than the actual work. This is the central concept of the technique.

“Tapebombing” debuted in the Miami Design District and Wynwood arts district. This recent urban street-art work has made her a regional cultural reference, especially through Miami’s international image abroad. Some of her temporary installations and interventions have been featured in local and international media and it has become an unequivocal part of the growth and prominence of the world-renown Wynwood arts district.