Intima’– Tanmiyah

Past Exhibition

Intima’– Tanmiyah is a two-person exhibition by artists Azim Al Ghussein and asmaa al-issa at Fire Station.

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Azim Al Ghussein and asmaa al-issa will present their research and practice in dialogue with one another in their two-person exhibition, titled intima’ (tanmia). Like the freshly planted trees on the side of Dukhan Highway, Azim and asmaa’s recent relocation to Qatar has allowed them to acclimate and grow alongside one another. The work presented is in response to their experiences of living, teaching, and eating over the past eight months.

The exhibition marks the conclusion of Azim Al Ghussein and asmaa al-issa's post-MFA residency program at VCUarts Qatar’s Painting + Printmaking department.


VCUarts Qatar: asmaa al-issa, Azim Al Ghussein, Nadia Abudayeh, Michael Gallagher Fleming Jeffries, Sara Shaaban, Isabelle St-Louis

Fire Station: Dr Bahaaeldin Abudaya, Saida Alkhulaifi, Khalifa Al Obaidly