Illustrative Characters – Roots in Archives with Charlene Kasdorf

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Join us in "Illustrative Characters – Roots in Archives" workshop with Charlene Kasdorf

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Be part of an illustrative process of creating your own characters, with Charlene Kasdorf!

In this workshop, participants are invited to create characters from prompts and elements gathered from regional children’s book archives, many from Liwan Design Studios and Labs. Participants will use these different figurative elements, such as the face, nose, eyes, and mouths to mix, match, and re-invent into their own characters.

Charlene is a visual literacy educator, artist, and illustrator. She has an MA degree in Museum and Gallery Practice from UCL Qatar. Originally from Canada, Charlene has lived in Qatar for 11 years and has collaborated on research-driven picture books with museums, institutions, and publishers. She is a current artist-in-residence at the Fire Station.

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