Haitham Al Hamad: Selective

Past Exhibition

Selective is a solo exhibition by Syrian artist Haitham Al-Hamad.

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Through Haitham Al Hamad’s eyes, COVID-19 is selective in how it chooses its victims, feeding off the weaknesses of human immunity. It has the potential to stop time. Selective is an attempt to understand what has largely been incomprehensible.

Haitham Al Hamad was born in Homs, Syria, and studied Fine Arts at Damascus University, receiving his bachelor’s degree in 1992 and graduate degree in Mural Painting in 1994. He is a member of the Syrian Fine Arts Association and Qatar Fine Arts Association. Al Hamad participated in various art and cultural fairs and showcased his art in many galleries in Syria and Qatar, as well as London. Al Hamad is a Studio Space and Gallery Coordinator at the Fire Station.

Artwork by artist Haitham Al-Hamad.