Finding Joy with Noor Abuissa

Past Exhibition

Join us in finding joy workshop led by Noon Abuissa.

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Join us as we discover the joy of creating abstract art and using art as a meditative practice with Noor Abuissa.

In this three-day workshop, we will use different mark-making techniques and take simple artistic expressions into finished compositions and sculptural forms

Noor Abuissa graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design with a BA in Fine Art and a focus on linking Islamic Geometric Art to the Spiritual in Abstract Geometric Art. Abuissa’s artistic practice is founded on the semantics of Islamic geometry and design. Using abstract geometry as her visual language and intuition as her guiding process, Abuissa’s work deconstructs the picture plane into forms steered by the careful use of colour. Derailing the genre from its usual need to create a whole image of impact, the artist reflects immediate and singular thought, intention, and emotion. Using her work to examine her own life, Abuissa captures the small moments that bring us joy and significant experiences that might define us. Noor was an artist-in-residence at the Fire Station from 2015-16.

This workshop is part of the public programmes series in conjunction with the Majaz: Contemporary Art Qatarexhibition at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art.

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