Dr. Alkhuzama Alharami & Guillaume Rouseré

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Etheralscape is an immersive art installation by Dr. AlKhuzama AlHarami and Guillaume Rouseré that merges the art of image and sound and delves into the interaction between nature and modern society. As visitors step into the space, they will be immersed in a sensory experience that combines captivating video projects of desert landscapes and calligraphy, with immersive soundscapes drawn from desert field recordings and other evocative sounds. The exhibition provides a peaceful escape for meditation which provides the opportunity to relax and take a break from the noise and stress of daily life.

Dr. AlKhuzama AlHarami is an artificial intelligence artist with a PHD in computer engineering. In her work, she aims to blur the boundaries between artificial intelligence and artistic ingenuity. Her dynamic and immersive works present her personal experiences in a way that allows the viewer to be part of the artwork. Dr.. AlKhuzama AlHarami is currently an artist-in-residence at the Fire Station (2023-2024).

Guillaume Rouseré is a French sound artist based in Qatar. Through sound, he presents an innovative exploration of the intersection of nature, culture, and history. His diverse portfolio includes exhibitions, sound sculptures, immersive installations, and sound compositions. His art draws deeply from eco-acoustics, emphasizing the relationship between sound and the environment, and phenomenology, exploring the subjective experience of sound. He participated in exhibitions locally and internationally including Paris and China. He was an artist in residence (2018-2019) and an alumni in residence (2021) at the Fire Station.