Change in the Breaking

“Change in the Breaking” with Fatima Javed

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Join us in “Change in the Breaking” workshop with Fatima Javed

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Join us with in this interactive workshop led by artist Fatima Javed, where invited participants will have the chance to be part of her unique process. Participants will be able to interact with her sculptures by breaking and rebuilding them into new art pieces.

Fatima’s objective is to build bridges between people of different backgrounds and promote meaningful dialogue. She will be highlighting new ceramic art techniques and expand on creative disciplines and enhance the understanding of contemporary art.

Fatima Javed is a Pakistani artist who focuses on ceramic sculptures. She has a bachelor's degree in design from National College of Arts, Pakistan. Fatima is interested in collecting junk parts of automobile and embodying this in her sculptures to create metal-like ceramics. She is inspired by the process of transformation that humans go through, and her work highlights the emotions that takes place during that change.

Fatima is currently an artist in residence at the Fire Station (2022-23).

For safety reasons, participants are asked to wear comfortable attire and closed shoes. Each participant will be provided with safety goggles, as they will be handling hammers and other tools to smash the artist’s sculptures.

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