Arwa Al Neami: ART IS NOT A RACE

Past Exhibition

ART IS NOT A RACE is a solo exhibition presenting an installation by Fire Station's Visiting Artist, Arwa Al Neami.

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ART IS NOT A RACE sheds light on the current state of art, which is directly influenced by struggle and acceleration caused by the impact of the art world, and no time proves this more than the present.

Art is an interpretation of the world around us, and how we express it on collective and individual levels requires us to slow down to translate our experiences in a way that reflects our personal perspectives.

The vision: Speed ​​and its effect on the concept of time.

The question: Thinking of the future of art, could this fast pace transform its nature?

Is art, as we now know it, going to change?

Arwa Al Neami is an award-winning Saudi multidisciplinary artist. Her work tackles societal issues and covers themes of acceptance and inclusion through various mediums. She is the first woman to take photographs inside the Prophet’s Mosque in Al Madinah Al Monawara. Arwa is the Visiting Artist at Fire Station from September – November 2022.

Visiting Artist Programme