Abeer Al-Tamimi: Beyond the Rules

Past Exhibition

Beyond the Rules is a solo exhibition by Qatari artist Abeer Al-Tamimi.

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This solo exhibition dives into artist Abeer Al-Tamimi[MOU1] ’s interest in human interaction and behaviour. During her residency at Cité International des arts in Paris, the artist wanted to interact with as many people as possible to answer questions such as why we behave the way we do? And can we control our behaviours and emotions?

What Al-Tamimi discovered was that people are entitled and live in a bubble that invokes negative behaviour. While we are programmed to follow and respect the cultural rules, traditions, and way of life we were born into or are accustomed to, we do not often see other realities, which diminishes our growth in all aspects.

For Al-Tamimi, it is fascinating to explore how diverse cultures have different ways of interpreting behaviours and emotions—and that we can all agree to one basic ideology of coexistence. This entails understanding and respecting one another rather than forcing one’s opinion or belief on the other. Overall, her projects explore the negative effects of self-righteous thoughts, and factors that shape the subconscious and conscious mind that can navigate a person to undesirable consequences.

Abeer Al-Tamimi is a multi-disciplinary, experimental artist who introduces unconventional materials and elements into her work seeking new forms of expression. She is engrossed in social issues of today, further transforming them into abstract and contemporary styles that people can relate to. Abeer’s interest lies within experimental art and film, mainly with the use of paints in conveying messages in her films. Recently, she has been experimenting with collages and moving images. Her mission is to experiment with moving images to create art installations and sculptures.

Paris International Residency
Painting by artist Abeer Al-Tamimi

Abeer Al-Tamimi,The Reveal,2022, oil on canvas, 150 x 50 cm

Painting by artist Abeer Al-Tamimi

Abeer Al-Tamimi, Seeds,2022, oil on canvas, 150 x 50 cm