• Aisha Al-Muhannadi

    Aisha Al-Muhannadi is a photographer and filmmaker. She received a Bachelor of Science in Media Industries & Technologies from Northwestern University in Qatar. By focusing on cultural experiences, nature and people, Al-Muhannadi aims to capture truth in stillness and movement. 

  • Alya Al Khalifa

    1 Oct – 31 Dec 2019

    Alya has a Bachelor’s of Fine Art Honours from Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London in the United Kingdom. Her work centers on the concept of movement. Her art reflects the human experience through the lens of the collective.

  • Ameera Al-Aji

    Ameera Al-Aji is a multidisciplinary artist. She graduated with an MFA from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. Through writing, film, photography, printmaking, and drawing, Al-Aji investigates ideas of ‘the Home’, personal domestic memories and their complex emotions associated.

  • Amena Al-Yousef

    Amena Al-Yousef is a painter whose work focuses on the subject of nature. She considers her paintings to be a continuous study that helps her connect with nature and understand our modern society’s disconnection from it. 

  • Ebtesam Al-Hothi

    Ebtesam Al-Hothi is a multidisciplinary artist who graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from VCUarts Qatar. Her projects focus on storytelling about abused children, through abstract 3D modeled objects, collages, illustrations and performances 

  • Hadeer Omar

    Hadeer Omar is a time-based media artist, designer, educator, and co-chair for “Tasmeem Doha Art and Design Conference” (2019). Her work spans immersive media, photography and film as a means of storytelling; where she observes her surroundings and documents the processes. 

  • Haytham Sharrouf

    Haytham Sharrouf is an architect, designer and visual artist. His inspiration lies in exploring the effect of architecture on humans, finding means to implement architectural concepts, lines and forms with human relations and to recontextualize landmark buildings across architectural boundaries.

  • Hind Al Saad

    Hind Al Saad is an artist and graphic designer who graduated from VCUarts Qatar (2019). Her work includes experimentations with form making, computational art, and creative coding; where she explores means of creating infinite results by using finite rules. 

  • Jaser Alagha

    Jaser Alagha is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist. During his studies at Northwestern University, he explored conceptual, experimental and traditional narratives through different media; where he aims to create a new contemporary from of visual language through different artistic methods.

  • Latifa Al-Kuwari

    Latifa Alkuwari is a graphic designer and digital artist. She has a BA in Graphic Design from VCUarts Qatar. Al Kuwari’s work explores personal connections and is inspired by existential discussion; she aims to enhance consciousness about our reality as human beings.

  • Majdulin Nasrallah

    Majdulin Nasrallah is a VCUarts Qatar graduate in interdisciplinary Design and Interior Design. Her work combines architecture, furniture, and product design; she focuses on tackling notions of physical space in relation to the human experience and challenging political and social constructs.

  • Mariam Rafehi

    Mariam Rafehi is an interdisciplinary designer.  She creates alternative worlds in virtual reality (VR), exposing her audiences to an unfamiliar experience. Refehi works with sense-stimulation through a synesthesia experience in VR; through which, she couples 3-dimensional spatial audio and colorful patterns.

  • Maryam Al-Maadhadi

    Maryam Al-Maadhadhi is the founder of Doha Art Hub, and a member of Qatar Studio Center and Qatar Fine Arts Society. Her work focuses on storytelling of Qatari traditions; where she uses the falcon as a primary visual motif. 

  • Mashael Al Hejazi

    Mashael Al Hejazi is a photographer working with alternative process in developing film and printing photography. She researches local heritage to reflect the past in the current digital world. Through capturing old Doha neighborhoods, Al Hejazi aims to preserve memories for future generations.

  • Maysaa Almumin

    Maysaa Almumin is an Assistant Professor in design at VCUarts Qatar. Her work explores the role and character of design, film set and objects within narrative film. Almumin has been involved in film projects in Kuwait, Italy and Qatar.

  • Muna Al-Bader

    Muna Al-Bader is a member of Qatar Fine Arts Association and Souq Waqif Art Center. Her paintings focus on traditional music, instruments and people, where she utilizes bright colors that reflect cheerful emotions and joyous moments, associated with music.

  • Naila Al-Thani

    Naila Al-Thani is a designer and researcher. Her studies include fashion, Pattern-Cutting and Material Features in VCUarts Qatar and Central Saint Martins in the UK. Her work intersects fashion, tech, and bio-design, creating crafted garments, 3d printed textiles, and performance/ exhibition pieces. 

  • Noor Yousef

    Noor Yousef aims to speak to the community of mothers. Her work involves therapeutic journaling, questioning the social constructs revolving around motherhood and creating a safe space for women/ mothers. Through layering texts, she creates visual representations of complex emotions.

  • Suzana Joumaa

    Suzana Joumaa is a multidisciplinary artist, working in interior architecture, painting and printmaking. She graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Damascus. Her works focus on the state of mind, imagination and the subconscious, especially those of the unrecovered from war traumas.