Paris Residency


This residency is a unique opportunity for artists, where they will work and reside in Qatar's Studio at the Cité Internationale des Arts
(Cité des Arts) in Paris, France for three consecutive months. The Cité des Arts is one of the most dynamic international residency programs, and the residents will be able to interact and network with artists from all over the world, as well as the public and other professionals in an open studio event. The program allows the resident to pursue their artistic practice during their stay while engaging with what the city has to offer from museums, galleries and other art spaces.


This residency is open to Qatari artists aged 21+ for the duration of 3 months. Students enrolled in an Academic program at the time of the residency are not eligible to apply.

Once accepted, the resident is responsible for securing their leave of absence with their employers for the 3-month period of the residency program. Fire Station can provide a reference letter addressed to the employer that states the artist’s acceptance into the residency.

What the residency offers:

The residency includes 24-hour access to a private furnished studio space with one bedroom and kitchenette. Accepted residents are granted a monthly stipend which includes living and materials allowance, and one return travel ticket.

Only one artist is accepted per residency term.