Paris Artist Residency:
Studio of Qatar




About the Residency

The Paris Art Residency Program is open to all Qatari artists aged 18+ and open to all art forms for a duration of 3 months at Cité internationale des Arts, Paris, France.

Fire Station is sponsoring Qatari artists for their residency at Cité internationale des Arts, Paris, providing studio and accommodation space, travel ticket, as well as a monthly stipend for their stay and art materials purchases.

Artists will experience an art residency in Paris, visit museums, galleries and be immersed in the art scene in the city. Staying at the Cité internationale des Arts, Paris is a unique experience for any artist, where he or she will be living in the biggest and most important art residency in the world. It will be an opportunity to interact with other creative individuals from all over the world, build bridges and be inspired to create their own artwork.

Paris Artist Residency: Studio of Qatar

Location: Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

Duration: 3 months

Submissions are now closed

The next open call for the 2018 residencies in Paris will begin in July 2017. The open call will accept applicants for 4 residencies throughout 2018. Only one artist is accepted per residency. The 2018 residency start dates are: 15th January, 15th April, 15th July and 15th October.