Transitional School Open Studio invitation

Thursday, August 16, 2018

August 16th 7- 9pm - Workshop 4, Fire Station

A public viewing and demonstration of the Transitional School, Doha workshop, will introduce visitors to forms of making through casting recycled metals and plastics including mold-making and a DIY foundry.  Objects produced during the preceding workshop will be on display.  
The Doha workshop will focus on the car battery and metal recycling industry. Qatar is a regional leader in this area of recycling. The significance of recycling and sustainability is now vital due to the 2017 blockade. The blockade has had a tremendous impact on industry in the country. Therefore, we will speculate on how this emerging internal economy of recycling, which symbolizes a new approach to the theme ‘Made in Qatar’, will inform the future identity of Qatar. The objects we collectively produce, will reflect this as ‘new’ Qatari souvenirs, incorporating the industries and culture of recycling and sustainability.

Institutional Collaborators:

  • Istanbul Biennale
  • Land+Civilization Compositions
  • Fire Station
  • VCUArts Qatar