Jaime Odabachian –Talk

Monday, December 17, 2018
Weaving Design Stories: Contemporary design Perspectives on the Silk Road
Artist: Jaime Odabachian
Time: 7pm
Location: Fire Station Cinema
Dates: 17 December 2018

Fire Station is please to invite you to the talk “Weaving Design Stories: Contemporary design Perspectives on the Silk Road” by artist Jaime Odabachian. An interactive lecture, where the artist will discuss and explore topics such as his approach to elevating the traditional hand knotted rug-making medium to an art form across different projects.  He will demonstrate how using historical events, both personal and broad, helps creatives “weave stories” through this ancient medium and imbue each piece with aesthetic and emotional meaning. 

About the artist:

Jaime Odabachian is the third generation co-owner and current president of Odabashian, one of the oldest luxury rug design and production companies in the Americas, founded in 1921 in Mexico City by his grandfather, Khoren Odabachian. Odabashian is currently based in The Miami Design District.