WORKSHOP | Amena Al Yousef: Natural Pigments Extraction

Saturday, January 25, 2020

This workshop will focus on different methods of pigment extraction from dried plants and natural minerals that come from the landscape. We will be looking at how lake and ochre pigments are made, and how to turn them into usable oil paint. Special attention will be paid on purifying these dried plants and crushed minerals to create a lasting and quality product. After getting familiar with these methods, we will be looking through the studies of artist Joseph Albers when it comes to basic colour interaction and theories.
Amena Al Yousef is a painter. Her work focuses on the subject of nature, to gain a better understanding of society’s perspectives around the subject of human interaction with a landscape, and the disconnection that we developed.  She is in residence at the Fire Station, 2019-20.
To register:
Free Admission
Location: Education Studio, Fire Station
Date and Time: January 25, 2020 from 11am-2pm
Language: English
Age: 18+