EXHIBITION | Architects Independent: Small Architecture

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Artifacts, Spaces, and Environments as Subtle Rituals – Metaphors – Sensory Stimulants - Emotive Embodiments               

Architects Independent (AI) is an architectural, design, and creative collective founded by Dr. Thomas Modeen and Maysaa AlMumin. 

The work, which has been realized over the past decade or so, transcends, or smudges the partitions of usual categories, separating the common classifications defining the various forms of design & art practice (architecture, interior design, product design, sculpture).  The work is united in its interest in the rituals – both formal and mundane – according to which we define ourselves, the emotive catalysts that generate such practices, the sensorial qualities of related artifacts and endeavors, and the associated fabrication methods according to which such designs are made. The exhibition includes of AIs works from Johan Granberg, Maryam Al-Homaid, Ghadah Alkandari, Bouthayna Al-Muftah Hadeer Omar and Fatma Al-Remaihi.


The work and linked ideas are under perpetual review and development. 


Location: Workshop 4, Fire Station

Opening: February 5, 2020 at 7pm

Exhibition will run until February 29


Gallery hours:

Saturday to Thursday: 9am – 7pm

Friday: 1:30pm – 7pm