Artist Talk with Subodh Gupta

Sunday, November 25, 2018
Time: 7.30pm 
Dates:  25 November
Location: Fire Station Cinema


Fire station would like to welcome you to join us in an artist talk with Subodh Gupta.  

As the kitchen is the center of every Indian household, Subodh Gupta’s practice too is grounded in the quotidian pantry. It is from here that he reflects on not only personal and communal practices, but also on how often intimate and seemingly insignificant objects and experiences can offer a  glimpse into the cosmos at large.

About the Artist:

Subodh Gupta’s sculpture incorporates  everyday objects that are ubiquitous throughout India, such as steel tiffin lunch boxes, thali pans, bicycles and milk pails. From such ordinary items the artist produces breathtaking sculptures that reflect on the economic transformation of his homeland. His works investigate the sustaining and even transformational power of the everyday.