Artist Talk: Nadim Karam - Urban Stories

Sunday, October 7, 2018
Location: Fire Station Cinema
Date: Sunday 7th October
Time: 7pm


Fire station would like to welcome you to join us in an artist talk titled “Urban Stories” with Nadim Karam, who will talk about his experiences; especially the meaning of being an artist architect, with a focus on his public artworks all over the world.

About the artist:

Nadim Karam began his career as an artist while doing his PhD in architecture in Tokyo, creating performances, installations and paintings nurtured from ideas on life, death and philosophy of space with a honed sense of absurdity.

Cities are often the inspiration and target sites of his conceptual proposals and initiatives, based on his conviction that cities need to dream. Karam considers that the role of the artist is to provoke this dream by injecting into still structures cultural magnets with the power to influence the paths of people. 

With Hapsitus, the pluri-disciplinary group he founded in Beirut, he began exploring the use of public art as an instrument of urban activation and regeneration, creating large-scale site specific projects that introduce new stories in cities like Prague, Melbourne, Dubai, London, Tokyo and Nara. Atelier Hapsitus, founded in 1996, is a think-tank focused on the creation of an original urban vocabulary. ‘Hapsitus’, (meaning the unpredictable outcome of choreographed happenings and situations) is usually the starting point of their projects.

Nadim Karam’s production of work across disciplines is an optimistic act of rebellion, as well as an affirmation of the power of creativity. It focuses on re-examining contextual issues with global significance and engages in enhancing perceptions of pluralism and difference within a society as a source of enrichment rather than a reason for conflict.