Artist in Residence 2016

Artists in Residence programme


Abeer Al-Kuwari

Qatari Artist who emerged in the field of photography. She is the first member of Qatar’s Women Photography Association. She has been awarded many certificates of appreciation and won numerous awards, most notably, the third place in the Al Thani competition 2005. Her focus is on portrait photography and still life, and has many experiences in black and white filming. She started filming with traditional techniques and has since moved to digital filming. Her style depends on careful study and her interest lies in Qatar’s heritage and environment, particularly Qatari women and their fashion style where her style ranging between documentation and modern contemporary forms.

Ahmed Al-Jufairi

A Qatari Artist graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar in 2015, majoring in Painting and Printmaking with a minor in Art History. He took his Beyoncé infatuation and made the superstar his main muse in his art work, by focusing on his narrative and using her music as a form of inspiration experimenting with various mediums such as intaglio printmaking, oil painting, performance videos and sculptures. His first solo exhibition was hosted at Katara Art Center, titled “Istila” which is the Arabic word for Appropriation. Ahmed’s work looks into the beauty of imperfection, that there is no such thing as perfection, what one might consider perfect, another would disagree. He takes great joy in expressing himself through his art and does not stop until he is completely satisfied with the quality of the pieces he shows the world.

Amr El Kafrawy

Painter, Illustrator and book designer. He designed several books for Egyptian and Arab publishing houses, such as El-Shorouk, American University in Cairo Press and Bloomsbury. Elkafrawy presented his work in several art exhibitions.

Cesc Grané

Cesc Grané is a digital illustrator whose work focuses primarily on character design. Originally from Manlleu outside of Barcelona, Cesc spent 18 months developing his skills in Japan, where he gained an understanding of the modern Japanese lifestyle. There he was able to discover some of the hidden truths within this fascinating culture: the kind that exists beyond the traditional Western stereotypes that one might hold as a visitor to the city. Living in Tokyo, Cesc refined his visual capabilities and understanding while developing his first solo illustration exhibition in the capital in August 2014, where he presented thirty illustrations inspired by his experiences in Japan. Currently living in Doha, Cesc now draws inspiration from Arab art and culture, and is looking at ways to reinterpret the aesthetics from Spanish, Japanese and local culture in his designs. Cesc's artwork merges a variety of techniques from sculpture to digital illustration to print and animation, depicting the ethereal worlds of his imagination with positive, fantastical narratives.

Fahad Al Obaidly

Fahad Al Obaidly is a Qatari fashion designer/ curator who introduced his brand 2014. He completed his course in fashion design specializing in causal menswear from the institute Marangoni. Being an Arab coupled with a European vision for style greatly contributes to the philosophy behind his work in fashion. His profound love for culture and heritage is his main source of inspiration, which later translates into trend setting designs.

Hana Al Saadi

Hana Al Saadi is a Qatari artist who received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, 2015. She studied Painting and Printmaking, while pursuing her interest in sculpture making. During her time in VCUQ, she discovered her passion in carpentry and started making installations as she developed her conceptual thinking skills. Al Saadi’s kinetic sculptures make viewers admire the simple movements in still objects we see every day. “I create artwork that makes viewers think about what they see even after they go home, without words killing their imagination.”

Juan Martinez-Demedina

Juan Martinez is a Multidisciplinary artist, who studied Fine Arts in Madrid, Spain and Michigan, USA. For years he has collaborated with musicians and poets to make videos and animations.

Lulu M.

Qatari artist Lulu, is a self-taught process-oriented painter who draws inspiration by exploring different mediums and techniques within her artistic practice. Her paintings, in which large isolated formations appear to float across a black monochrome surface, seek to capture a freedom of form by allowing a controlled spontaneity to overcome the canvas. Lulu’s work has been exhibited at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha as well as internationally, and is represented in numerous private collections.

Mariah Dekkenga

Mariah Dekkenga is an artist who lives and works in New York City and Doha Qatar. Her recent exhibitions include; Mariah Dekkenga, Eli Ping Frances Perkins Gallery, New York NY; Figure 8, Clifton Benevento Gallery, New York NY; Post Analog Painting, The Hole, New York NY. 

Maryam Ahmed

A Portrait artist mostly working with oil paints and recently practicing portrait sculptures. Maryam hosted several workshops in many art centers across Doha and participated in several joint exhibitions. Her passion for portrait painting stems from the idea that one can see into the spirit of the people and translate this using colors on canvas and delivering a beautiful impression to the viewer.

Maryam Al Suwaidi

Maryam experiments with different types of art forms: from drawing and painting to digital illustrating and glass making. She believes that art should not be seen as fine pieces of hand work propped on display waiting to be admired, but that art pieces are there to deliver a message to the world. Much of her inspiration is derived from social behaviors and actions. Researching and studying society is the most critical step and makes up the structure of every item in her work. Theories of existing philosophers and inspiration from other artists’ work develop her visual approach. Maryam’s objective is seeing how viewers react to her art pieces and how her work impacts their understanding of the topic introduced.

Maryam Al-Humaid

An interdisciplinary designer holding a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design and a Masters in Design Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University, Qatar. She is currently working as the first Qatari Junior Faculty in Hamad Bin Khalifa University teaching in the Graphic Design department. Maryam comes from a family where her father is a fine artist and both grandfathers were craftsmen. Her curiosity and exploration in design grew from a personal interest in making and prototyping. She believes that by pursuing the Maker movement, a recently revived revolution that mixes technology based-mediums and the DIY culture, that can build the bridges between the high-tech mediums (such as 3D printing) that exist today and the lost crafts that existed in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf.

Maryam Al Semaitt

Is a designer, artist, and multidisciplinary thinker. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in architecture from CMUQatar, and this is where her interest in art and design began to flourish. She decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Service Design from the Royal College of Art in London.During that time, she also acquired a diploma in Traditional Arts from Prince's School of Traditional Arts. She has built different skills through stepping outside her comfort zone by trying new things and participating in workshops, courses and study trips to explore Islamic Art from different perspectives. In today's world, it is becoming more challenging to stick to the roots and origins of traditional art and its techniques. Today, rapid prototyping technologies like 3D printers are becoming commodities found almost everywhere. Hence the contrast of the opposing forces of traditional vs. modern, slow vs. fast and natural vs. artificial is becoming an interesting area to explore.

Nawar Al Mutlaq

Nawar is a VCUQatar Alumna. She is a multidisciplinary visual communicator and design thinker. After being a graphic designer for a couple of years, she decided to broaden her design spectrum with a more holistic approach to design. That’s when she got her Master degree of Art in Service Design from Royal College of Art in London. In the vast art and design culture in London, she found her passion in the intricate details of the sophisticated Islamic Art and acquired a Diploma in Traditional Arts. From there, she started exploring the beautiful world of Islamic Art through workshops, study trips and practicing different art forms from all over the Islamic world such as manuscript illumination, parquetry, zilij, ebru and other applied arts. The next layer she hopes to add to her art is a fusion between her two passions in art and design, and the inveterate Islamic Art and the rapid fabrication technology.

Nesma Khodier

Nesma is a researcher and multidisciplinary designer. Her work investigates the behaviors and functions to interrogate the relation between music, art, design and engineering. Nesma's concept implies the merge between digital technology and traditional craft.

She received her BFA in Graphic and Visual communication at the University of Fine Arts inAlexandria and received her MFA in Design Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, 2016. She exhibited in Egypt, UAE and Qatar where she also teaches in community education at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Richard Blackwell

Ric’s work creates an account of the experience of living and interacting in our current social reality. That experience itself is the result of countless phenomenological interactions and relationships that are mediated by technology, ideology and the concrete structure of the built environment. His work is a network of objects, a combination or a collage of marks, observations and processes, parsed by technological systems and personal systems of labor. Centered in Sculpture and Printmedia, Ric’s practice takes wide ranging interdisciplinary approaches including, digital fabrication, digital media, photography and painting. His work invokes many narrative or thematic concerns mostly relating to the experience of moving through the built environment in a way akin to Benjamin's Flaneur. This can span the spectrum of visual accounts of simple moments in transit to intensive research projects as a reaction to witnessed phenomena.

Tanzeela Khan

Tanzeela Khan from the Kashmir valley, received her MA in traditional arts from Prince's School of Traditional Arts, London UK. She is currently completing MSc in conservation studies at the University College London in Qatar.

Titika Stamouli

Titika Stamouli was born in Athens, Greece. She has two Bachelor degrees in Fine Arts, in Film (Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada) and in Contemporary Arts (Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece), where she received a scholarship and an award for Best Student from the State Scholarships Foundation of Greece. She also attended as an exchange student the MA program - Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London, UK. Titika Stamouli attends with her work art exhibitions and art venues since 2011 and had her first solo exhibition in 2014, entitled Genesis at Polyhoros Artville in Athens. She works in the fields of photography, film, video art, painting, installation and performance. Her last exhibition took place at the Athens School of Fine Arts in June 2015. There, she turned a large space into an installation room by combining all the above mediums upon the theme of nanotechnology and geoengineering. Her work acts as a political criticism on how these practices influence humans and nature.

Zach Stensen

Zach Stensen holds an MFA in Printmaking and a Book Arts Certificate from the University of Iowa. His practice encompasses drawing, printmedia, and artist books, and seeks to explore the grey area that exists between personal history and self-mythology. He has shown his work extensively in both national and international exhibitions, including installation projects with his artist collective, The Four-Footed Fellows Correspondence Club. Zach's work is included in numerous museum collections, and he has participated in previous artist residencies in Norway and Belgium. Zach has been an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar since 2011, where he teaches in the Painting + Printmaking department, and serves as the Coordinator and Master Printer for Funoon: Center for Printmedia Research.

Zoe Hawk

Zoe Hawk’s paintings and drawings deal with the complex experience of girlhood. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States and abroad, and featured in publications such as BLINK Magazine, The Oxford American, and New American Paintings. She has attended artist residencies in Norway, Belgium, and most recently at Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, New York. Zoe received her MFA in painting from the University of Iowa before moving to Doha in 2011. She currently teaches for the Community Education Program at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar.